Here is presented history of Company Orgenergomsheni, Subject and main direction, also Successful activity.

Company History

JSC “Orgenergomsheni” was formed in 1956 on the basis of project bureau of the trust “Sakhydroenergomsheni” as a bureau in Tbilisi of URSS Institute “Orgenergostroi” (“Orgenergomsheni”), in 1963 it was transformed into the Tbilisi branch of the same organization, in 1994 – into Georgian Independent State Institute, and since 1996 – it has become the Joint Stock Company( whose shareholders are mainly experienced specialists in Hydropower and Hydro engineering sectors);

The form of a joint stock company is registered in the Tbilisi Vake District Court- 03.09.1996 - N5/5-48; Last change in the charter of JSC is registered: In Public Register - 15.06.2011,- N11456887;

Extract from Business Registry

Director of JSC "Orgenergomshen":
Cand. of Techn. Science - Revaz Khuntsaria

Subject and main direction

According to the charter, the main activities of “Orgenergomsheni” are:

  • Performing of design, search and scientific-research works for construction of Hydropower Plants and Hydroengineering structures;
  • Designing of construction industry facilities, including industrial and construction bases;
  • Implementation of advanced techniques and technologies on constructions, with relevant organization and execution projects, consulting services and supervising;
  • Examination of projects;

Based on the above mentioned the main activity of the company is: “Engineering and consulting”, among them considering presented “site” one of direction is “technical assistance” with component services for “Contractor” and “Customer” Companies Hydropower Engineering and Similar Projects.

Successful activity

The mentioned activities were one of the major directions of policy of URSS Ministry of Energy and institute “Orgenergostroi” and in the defined for our organization zone envisaged a render “Technical assistance” with component services, under his existing subordinations construction trusts (Companies): “Sakhydroenergomsheni”, ”Zelenchukenergostroi”, ”Armenergostroi”, ”Uzbekenergostroi” and “Turkmenergostroi” for successful realization of the HPP-s construction and TPP-s Reconstruction/Extension increased plans.

Our organization partially performed the functions of the “customers” us as a control of the timing of the fixed construction phase and verification executed works volumes, which was presented as the official reports of the main Industrial-Technical Department of the Ministry;

As a result of this cooperation our experience was achieved and the number of qualified specialists of “Orgenergomsheni” has significantly increased, which has been successfully used in the intensive constructions of HPP-s in our Country.

Should be noted close relationship of our company with the builder of the 22 HPP-s with total Capacity of 2500 MW –J.S.C. “Sakhydroenergomsheni” (successor of the some name trust and Enguri HPP construction company), whereby he firmly acquired the place as a qualified partner.

For successful activities and merits before the country our organization regularly awarded with the certificates of honor, as well as with one of the state supreme quality Orders;