Our offer for “Contractor” and "Customer" companies within the "technical assistance".

Based on the above presented information, in our opinion it is possible to conclude that “Orgenergomsheni” has enough competence to perform Technical assistance with component service for interested Hydropower Engineering and similar projects builder “Contractor” and “Customer” Companies in their respective requirements and standards, among them:

a) For “Contractor” Companies:

  • a.1) examination and analysis of construction projects issued by general designer to make adjustments into the “Companies” resources and opinions;
  • a.2) Designing of construction and industrial bases;
  • a.3) execution of projects in accordance with safety norms;
  • a.4) Implementation of advanced technique and technologies on constructions;
  • a.5) Supervising (Monitoring/Inspection) of the buildings constructions;
  • a.6) Geodesic assignment control of buildings;
  • a.7) Performing of the buildings’ executable documentations;
  • a.8) Providing Consulting services for Contractors;
  • a.9) Executing partially or full functions of technical departments of the contactor companies;
  • a.10) Performing of the concourse documentation for participation in tenders within framework of the Joint venture;
  • a.11)Performing other works not included in the list, with mutual agreed conditions;

b). For “Customer” Companies:

  • b.1) Expertise of the projects;
  • b.2) Organization of verification and issuance of technical terms;
  • b.3) Organization of receiving positive conclusion of state ecological expertise;
  • b.4) Organization for obtaining a permit for construction works;
  • b.5) Determination of ground and construction waste, landing sites and their agreement with local administrations;
  • b.6) Inspection of construction and installation works and the materials quality laboratory control organization;
  • b.7) Organization of delivery of monitoring systems and control over its installations;
  • b.8) Perfecting of Hydropower engineering and hydro technical buildings construction organization and execution national norms and the rules with consideration European and American normative.
  • b.9) Agreement of construction and mounting schedules and its process control;
  • b.10) Control of performed by “Contactor” stage interim volumes and organization of formal acceptance of executed buildings;
  • b.11) Performing other works not included on this list, with mutually agreed conditions;