Group of experts and Partner Companies

During the period of intensive development of hydropower construction, our organization had educated and attracted many high qualified specialists, who became shareholders of the Company after its privatization and accordingly, which is interested in success of company; The best part among them (most have science degree) , with some invited highly qualified specialists represented the “Group of Experts” of “Orgenergomsheni”, each of which has sphere of activity. Destination of group of experts are study and analysis of projects and construction’s problematic of engineering and technical issues and providing recommendations, also solid training of inexperienced (young) specialists;

Apart from this, for enlargement of activities and increasing quantity of services, we have preliminary agreements within framework of Joint Venture with a number of Partner Companies that have great experience of successful activities. Information about the group of experts and partner companies can be found below;

Group of experts of “Orgenergomsheni”

Shareholders and Invited Specialists

Name, Surname Speciality, Degree Length of work Area of activity
Total Including
Designing Scientific-research Construction and mounting
1 Tamaz Rurua Hydraulic engineer 57 47 - 10 Underground buildings, safety engineering
2 Nikoloz Dadiani Hydraulic engineer,
Doct. of Techn. Science
46 - 15 31 Designing hydropower and hydraulic structures
3 Jemal Kvirkvelia Engineer geologist 41 30 - 11 Geology, geotechnics, hydrogeology
4 Paata Maglakelidze Mining engineer, Cand. of Techn. Science 36 14 22 - Tunnels, boring and blast works
5 Genrikh Babalarov Civil engineer 49 8 - 41 Water supply, reservoirs, sewage facilities
6 Revaz Makhviladze Doctor of Techn. Science 56 12 44 - Constr. works organization, Techn. and Economy
7 Omar Tvalchrelidze Power engineer 55 6 - 49 Mounting of hydropower, hydro mechanical units and metal constructions
8 Goderdzi Cholokidze Mining engineer 46 7 4 35 Ventilation of underground constructions
9 Shalva Gagoshidze Hydraulic engineer Doctor of Tech. Science 52 7 45 - Hydraulic of the buildings
10 Giorgi Chiaureli Engineer geodesist 25 7 18 - Topographic and geodetic works
11 Irakli Gorgadze Engineer architect 28 28 - - Architecture, general plans
12 Alexander Loladze Civil Engineer Cand.of Techn. Science 54 24 30 - Reinforced concrete consturctions

Partner Companies of “Orgenergomsheni”:

Company name Specialization Location
1 JSC Hydrospetsmsheni Construction of hydro engineering structures, underground, water-supply and sewage buildings 82, Beliashvili str. Tbilisi
2 Specenergoremonti, Ltd Assemblage of hydropower and hydro mechanical units (devices) and metal constructions 39, Chavchavadze ave. Tbilisi
3 Diagnostics of structures and constructions, Ltd Diagnostics of buildings and structures and laboratory control of construction materials 70, Pekini str. Tbilisi
4 Basiani-93, Ltd Designing of hydro technical structures and civil objects 6/7 Kipshidze str. Tbilisi
5 Hydro diagnostics, Ltd Mounting, observation and analysis of monitoring systems and equipment delivery 2, Marshal Gelovani ave. Tbilisi
6 Geoengineering, Ltd Geodetic, geological and geotechnical laboratory researches of construction materials 15, Tamarashvili str. Tbilisi